Top Selling Shoe Models in Different Categories

When you decide to buy shoes, you are bound to get confused with the huge variety of choices available in the shoe market, ranging from clogs and sandals to heels and flats.

First, you have to be sure about the purpose for which you would be using them since the whole process of selection depends on this particular aspect. Are you buying shoes for party wear, running, tennis, sports or anything else? A pair of shoes that you buy for an occasion like a party cannot be used for sports or running. Similarly, shoes that you buy for sports cannot be used for formal wear. So, deciding the purpose can help you to narrow down your choices and choose the best. And, of course, whether you are buying for men, women or kids is an even more important aspect.

In this article, we have listed the top selling shoe models in each of the categories. Check them out!

Clarks Boots Kendra August Black Snake: Best Selling Women’s Heels

Clarks Boots Kendra August Black Snake is a trendy Chelsea boot with delicate stitched detail, an 8.5 cm heel and platform sole. This model detains a luxurious Italian appearance with the striking snake effect leather quality. The soft cushioning inside gives comfort throughout the day and the zip enables easy wearing and removing. Price: £49.95

FitFlop Boots Leather Mukluk Brown: Best Selling Boots

This elegant leather boot is a must-have addition to your shoes collection. The smooth leather uppers give a stylish look. It is designed based on Fitflop’s Microwobbleboard midsole technology. The lining made of natural sheep skin keeps your feet snug and warm. It features a anti-slip textured rubber outsole and Agion antibacterial technology. Price: £82.50

FitFlop Shoes Gogh Suede Chocolate: Best Selling Fitflop

If you regularly go for a walk, shopping jaunt or for those lazy days, this super soft Gogh Suede fitflop is the best choice. You can just slip them on with your skinny jeans, trim trousers or footless tights for unbelievable light comfort and instant bohemian style. Being built on their patent-pending Microwobbleboard midsole technology this is the ultimate fitflop for your comfort. Price: £44.95

Gabor Shoes 55.105.17 Quilt Black: Best Selling Flats

If flats is your choice of footwear, then look no beyond this ultimate pump shoe model. Gabor 55.105 is a classic ballet pump, featuring leather upper with a lining made of micro-fiber and insock that gives a high level of comfort. It just has a 2cm heel and patent toe cap. Price: £54.95

FitFlop Shoes Due Leather Black and Tan: Best Selling Wedges

This is a gorgeous new ballet pump shoes from Fitflop. It is the brand’s new footwear to work FF2TM collection. Its styling is so versatile that it can be worn to the workplace or just casually.   With a semi-circular top cap and premium leather upper, this model is designed on the brand’s Biomimetrix midsole technology. Price: £64.95

Having got to know the best selling shoes in each category, the right place to shop for any of these top-selling footwear models is Shoetique, the shoe-a-holic’s dream showroom based in United Kingdom. Apart from these top-sellers, you can also find a wide range of other models in each category to suit your budget and personalized needs.

Shopping for Electronics Made Easier with Online Shopping

We have changed the way we shop these days. In just a few years, online shopping has gone from being nonexistent to becoming worth a billion dollar business each year. Electronic products such as eBooks, CDs, TV, air conditioner, music player, you name it and we go shopping online for all of these without ever leaving our homes.

Once upon a time, we used to go to a shopping centre to buy all these products, whereas now we are at home and browse through the net. The increased usage of personal computers and internet connections as well as the number of product owners offering products online has created a shopping revolution.

These days, we purchase anything and everything online as against going to the store and picking things up, which used to be the case once up on a time. Online shopping offers a lot of choice. There is cash on delivery and other secure payment options available to the buyers; therefore the buyers would love to buy online with all these facilities available.

Electronic products were sold at stores so that consumers had a touch and feel of the products before purchasing. However, today things have changed. Every electronic product is sold online with all the details, including images, product specification, price, comparison with other similar products and also customer reviews from people who have tried these products. So, consumers prefer purchasing online as that will help in saving time, especially when these online stores also promise replacement in case the customers are not happy with the received products.

Online shopping does offer many advantages for its customers. It is easy to use; the retailers these days make their sites simple to use and navigate and with a credit card payment option, it can’t get easier. The choices are infinite, and we are no longer restricted to buying locally. We do not need to struggle with parking or traffic or many such problems that add up to any shopping trip. Online shopping can be done from anywhere- all you need is a computer or a Smartphone with internet connection and you are almost there.

The e-commerce market has really boomed in the recent past. Many companies that used to follow the traditional way of marketing and selling the products have all gone digital and have started to sell their products online. These days, people also prefer the same as there are good chances of getting the same product at a discounted price at a competitor’s site and that is a blessing for the online shoppers. Moreover, you get discount codes through Snapdeal coupons, Amazon coupons or other such e-retailer coupons. The companies are also being benefited as they are getting more sales than before. The volume of sales has increased considerably for these sellers; therefore they are completely satisfied with this system. Though online shopping will never be able to eliminate the physical stores, it will certainly remain the favorite.

Shopping for electronic products has never been so easy before. Online shopping is here to stay, especially with the profitable deals that buyers get to avail from online coupon sites like Couponhaat.

Footwear To Step Out In Style This Summer

Summers have come beating in. The winds have started to get a bit of warmth in them and the sun is beginning to shine brighter than ever. While our floral dresses, sunglasses, summer makeup is already jotted and on point, its time for us to gather the most important part of a look which is the footwear. This season ditch your uncomfortable heel and slip into something more soothing, relaxing, comfortable and chic. Listed below are the must have footwear options to rock this summer in style.


One can never get enough of Kolhapuris. They are in every sense ‘true classics’. They are easy, comfortable and go with almost any outfit be it western or ethnic. Pick one in a silver or golden if you want it to flatter every outfit or go for a nice pop of colour.


Fashion’s latest sweethearts, brogues fall under the androgyny category. They are best paired with high waisted ankle length tapered pants, pencil skirts or even sarees if you take a cue or two from Kangana Ranaut.


Deepika Padukone obsesses over these as they not only make your feet look pretty but also give definition to your legs. Pair these were short flared or pencil skirts. You can also wear these with tapered pants.


Hello to all the girl who just cannot stop wearing sneakers and find it a great resort to keep our feet tanning from under the sun. Sneakers are the definition of cool and if you pick one in a hot metallic shade, cute-sy pastels or the forever classic white, you know you’re good to go.


The happy trend which is taking the home comfort sliders to the top fashion trend. Sliders are a major staple this summer. Pick one in cute colours, like soft pinks, light yellows, you can pick ones with nice floral embroidery on it or solid colours.

4 Essential Traits of Kitchen Apps That Can Make Life Easy For Homemakers

Handheld devices have taken the computing world by a storm and devices like tablets/smartphones have risen tremendously in popularity. Dependence on PCs and laptops has declined and more and more users are flocking around these handheld devices, which now possess immense computing capabilities.

These hand-held devices further have been empowered by millions of apps, which can be used to achieve any task in the world.  The best part is that many of these apps are free for download, so it’s a win-win situation for users!

Applications from all industries and all types can be seen on the app stores. There are apps for everything and anything that you can think of. One can log on to to get assistance in managing the kitchen efficiently. And, if you’re looking for a kitchen app, it should ideally have the following features:

  1. Recipe: This is the most important of them all. The app should provision all types of recipes and download other recipes on demand. The user could get the flexibility to filter the recipes based on the ingredients possessed at any time. This would enable the user to have all the power in the hand. Having possessed all the ingredients, the user will be able to cook anything in the world.
  1. Maintenance of Equipment: A kitchen has countless appliances and equipment. The app could be used to store all the details of these equipment and service related information. It will prompt from time to time for maintenance activities, which will ensure that all the equipment, are serviced from time to time. Also, users can request for service through the app, which will have an interface with the vendor.
  2. Material Tracker: This section of the app could be used to store the volume of the ingredients possessed in the kitchen. The content can be updated from time to time and also referenced in specific cases. This will enable the user to track the contents and order ingredients at an appropriate time.
  3. Games and Advertisements: The app can include some games or puzzles, which can enable the user to kill some time when not doing anything. Also, the same channel can be used to push advertisements relevant to the homemaker by other vendors. The app can help generate revenue for the companies, which are targeting homemakers. It can be a good channel for communicating with homemakers. From time to time, it can collect feedback from users about the app usage experience and this can be shared with the relevant teams.

The restaurant app can be like one go-to point for the user for any kitchen related issues. It can have provision to control the home appliances remotely; ex: increase the temperature in the refrigerator; start the dishwasher, shut down the oven, etc. will be very useful for anyone managing the kitchen.

The app demo can be downloaded for free to try out basic features and then user needs to pay for the premium version, which offers many advanced features to the user. Many kinds of pricing models can be explored and then user can decide on the one that suits their needs.

Desk organisation ideas to make your office space more inspired and pretty

Our office is like our second home if not more we spent almost as much time at our workspace as our home. Hence, there is no reason why we should leave it plain and boring. Just like our rooms and homes our desk should be a reflection of who we are and an extension of our personality. Here are simple desk organisation and decorations ideas to keep you inspired at all times.

1. Cute File Organisers

If you are a lawyer or CA, who deals with a lot of paperwork, then an organiser will be a lifesaver for you! It will keep all your paperwork organised and accessible and make work a lot easier and efficient.

2. Cute notebooks

If you have to make notes and keep a note of things at work, then you might as well do it with cute notebooks and organisers.

DIY your notebook: Make your work diaries and notebook a lot more organised by adding a pouch on the inside to hold receipts and business cards. Simply glue on an envelope on the inside of the notebook and there you have your DIY pouch on the notebook.

3. Spray paint away

Simply buy spray paint in chic colours such as rose gold, old gold, or mint green and pink, if you are a more colourful person then spray your desk, your mugs, your stationery holders, edges of your bulletin board, drawers or just the knobs of your drawers.

4. Mouse-pads

If you use a mouse while working then funky and colourful mouse pads can add a splash of colour to your desk.

5. Revamp up your bulletin board

A bulletin board is almost in every office. Make your bulletin board stand out by covering it with a light fabric in a cheerful colour and pin on your favourite polaroid shots, inspirational quotes or pictures of loved ones along with your to-do list.

6. Clipboard DIY

No bulletin board? No problem. Remember those exam boards we used in school? Just spray paint them or cover them with colourful papers, decorative paper (or wallpaper leftovers or samples) to brighten basic clipboards. Hang the clipboard up using a double-sided tape and use it as your very own DIY bulletin board.

7. Have a theme in mind

When decorating your desk keep a theme in mind, do not go for fads as you will get bored of it soon. Stick to what you like whether it is a burst of colours, monotone or rose gold.

8. Pick out what you need and then pick boxes and containers to store it all

Never work the other way round as it will only cause clutter. Instead first pick what you need and then pick storage space to organise it.

9. Lighting is key

Those harsh tube lights and white lights in the office can be quite depressing, so bring your own lights! Cute fairy lights can be tucked in a jar or a simple glass bottle to make your own lamp. Alternatively, you could also use the fairy lights to decorate your bulletin board or just lay them on your desk like little trinkets.

10. Cord organizers

Have extra clips lying around? Use them as budget-friendly cord organisers for easy charging access.

11. Add a plant

Not only does adding a plant on your desk gives colour to your desk, but it also makes you feel more connected to nature and gives away positive vibes.

Things to Remember Before Purchasing Leather Jacket for Men

Leather jackets vary in terms of price, quality, style, and size; there are many new leather coats, jackets to select from. Purchasing men’s jackets online isn’t that tough, but you need to know certain things before picking one.  You can find many brands, suppliers and hence you may tend to get confused. Jack and Jones Co. is a distinct supplier, and producer of quality men’s jeans, jackets, shirts, and clothing items.

One can find a wide variety of Jack & Jones Jeans, and jackets that every man needs throughout all the seasons. You can choose a jacket for yourself or gift it to a friend, considering some of the characteristics given below.

You must have observed celebrities flaunting leather jackets and now everyone wants to include them in their wardrobe collection. You need to take several factors into account to select the most ideal leather jacket. You would like to have a jacket that matches with your official dress, while in other cases you may want to wear a jacket for casual and recreational usage. Follow these tips to find a leather jacket that compliments your body type and fits you comfortably.

Flattering Cut

Men’s distressed jackets, motorcycle jackets, and bomber jackets are the most popular leather jackets available today.  Each jacket comes with its own design, as it fits differently too. Motorcycle jackets come up to waist level and have zippered pockets and metal hardware, so that it fits tightly. The distressed one has a vintage look, with boxy pockets, stiff lapels, and worn-in feel, while bomber jacket is quite roomier, making it an ideal choice for men with broad shoulders. For a classic look, opt for a streamlined, straight cut, which looks fit, and not too tight.

Choose a Colour that Complements Your Style

You need to purchase a jacket in that shade, which matches your wardrobe; if you have majority of your attire in bright colours, buy a black jacket, so that it matches most of your clothing. If you usually wear clothes in earth-tone shades, such as tan or beige, then opt for brown jacket.

Select a colour that best aligns with your body type, clothes, and make you feel comfortable. Most opt for black, as it can be worn with both casual and business wear. Brown looks more casual and gives a vintage look, when paired with jeans. If you aren’t sure what suits you the best, you can think of a colour based on majority of your dresses.

Mind the Variation in Sizes

The size differs from brand to brand; look at the size chart in the store’s website if you’re buying online to make the right choice. You need to consider measurements of sleeve, back, chest, and waist for a better fit. The length of the sleeve shouldn’t exceed your actual wrist line, as it may look small or long- in fact a bit odd.

 Quality of Fabric

Most jackets are made up of either cowhide or lambskin leather; for a rougher and rugged appearance, opt for cowhide leather jacket, while lambskin can be a better choice for a sophisticated look.

Tips for Wearing Sunglasses

Summer weather is still here for a little while longer, meaning we can still head to the beach and, more importantly, walk around town with the sunshine still making an appearance. But whether it’s summer or the dead of winter, the essential accessory every man needs is a good pair of shades to get him through the day.

As we know, though, not all sunglasses are created equal. Depending on your look, the shape of your face, and a few other intricate details, there are guidelines you should follow to ensure you don’t look like a doofus and waste your hard-earned money.

So here they are; 10 simple rules for finding the right pair of shades:

1. Indoors Or At Night?

If you’re not wearing your shades outside in the daytime, you’ve probably got about a 30-second window before everyone around you discovers that you’re a massive tool. So, no.

2. Size Matters

Big glasses make a statement, but strike a balance between your style and what you can pull off. Otherwise you’ll look like The Fly.

3. Perv Check

Covertly checking the ladies out is one of the great joys of summer. But double-check the opacity of your eyewear beforehand.

4. Round Face

Is your face round? Don square frames to ungulate your features. Square shaped? Circular is your friend. Long face and strong jaw? Aviators. Wayfarers look good on almost everybody.

5. Mirrored Lenses

It’s disconcerting talking to someone in mirrored specs only to see your own mug staring back. Go dark, not reflective.

6. Match Glasses And Clothes

Match the color of your frames with your shoes; keep it subtle and you’ll look like money.

7. On Top Of Your Head?

A proper opinion divider. If you’re wearing them as some sort of weird, posy UV protecting tiara, then no. If it’s because you don’t own pockets, yes.

8. Upside Down?

Don’t ever wear your glasses upside down, you’ll look like a crazy person.

9. On Trend

Retro, as opposed to the techy ’90s styles, are always a safe bet. Tortoiseshell is a winner, as are smaller frames.

Smart Ways to dress up a striped cloth

We all feel that striped cloth is a borrowing thing to wear and we would have kept them aside in our wardrobe and drawers. And we would hardly consider them in our weekly wear. In our day to day life we never thing of wearing a striped tee and doesn’t even come to our mind either.  Many things have changed in fashion over a period of time. So let us come out with a new style and learn to make use of the following six ways to dress up with a striped cloth.

Short Leather Skirt goes very well with striped shirt with full length with dark or black accessories, comfortable boots with little heels. This is the look of confidence and sexy appearance.

You can also make a combination of dark and light striped cloth. Like dark vertical striped shorts with light horizontal striped Top along with some dark accessories will make you look sexy.

When we are away from our work, striped shirt can also be worn with your sweats. Along with a military jacket and some accessories like dark bag, blue shoes and dark color watch. This gives you a cool look.

The other way to wear a striped light colored top along with dark jeans and with a woolen jacket plain or printed will work. This is a winter cool look.

You can get complete office attire with a striped shirt. Wear it with light color trousers, with some dark accessories; beautiful heels will give you simple and beautiful look.

f you want to get rid of pants, trousers or skirt, try wearing light colored striped shirt with a dark striped knit and a dark jacket with high heels will give you professional look for the summer.

You can wear a striped tee in a evening also. Just wear with long skirt along with leather black jacket. In addition dark accessories with a pair of high heeled sandals. This gives you a sexy look for the evening.

You can also make your evening look even more attractive by wearing striped tee with a loose fit skirt which are made of metallic and are glitzy. Cool summer scandals and a leather belt. This look makes you more of party style.

To wear on a day to day basis wear it with a printed mini along with high heeled boots. If you are going out at night then wear leather jacket which gives you a casual look.

You can also wear different colored shorts with striped tee underneath. This gives you cool look for summer.

Wear the striped tee with a mini of light color. Pair them up with high heeled boots of blue color. This you can wear for night out for dancing. Make this wear more fun by wearing some fabulous accessories in which you look good.

Make you striped tee more attractive by sticking some of your favorite stickers on it which may be of a flower, a cartoon etc. Wear this tee with miniskirts along with dark goggles.

This is way you can make your striped cloth look more beautiful. There is every possibility of making your striped tee look more attractive and gorgeous.  Now it’s time for you to take away striped tee from the wardrobe and, start using them in with different styles.