Things to Remember Before Purchasing Leather Jacket for Men

Leather jackets vary in terms of price, quality, style, and size; there are many new leather coats, jackets to select from. Purchasing men’s jackets online isn’t that tough, but you need to know certain things before picking one.  You can find many brands, suppliers and hence you may tend to get confused. Jack and Jones Co. is a distinct supplier, and producer of quality men’s jeans, jackets, shirts, and clothing items.

One can find a wide variety of Jack & Jones Jeans, and jackets that every man needs throughout all the seasons. You can choose a jacket for yourself or gift it to a friend, considering some of the characteristics given below.

You must have observed celebrities flaunting leather jackets and now everyone wants to include them in their wardrobe collection. You need to take several factors into account to select the most ideal leather jacket. You would like to have a jacket that matches with your official dress, while in other cases you may want to wear a jacket for casual and recreational usage. Follow these tips to find a leather jacket that compliments your body type and fits you comfortably.

Flattering Cut

Men’s distressed jackets, motorcycle jackets, and bomber jackets are the most popular leather jackets available today.  Each jacket comes with its own design, as it fits differently too. Motorcycle jackets come up to waist level and have zippered pockets and metal hardware, so that it fits tightly. The distressed one has a vintage look, with boxy pockets, stiff lapels, and worn-in feel, while bomber jacket is quite roomier, making it an ideal choice for men with broad shoulders. For a classic look, opt for a streamlined, straight cut, which looks fit, and not too tight.

Choose a Colour that Complements Your Style

You need to purchase a jacket in that shade, which matches your wardrobe; if you have majority of your attire in bright colours, buy a black jacket, so that it matches most of your clothing. If you usually wear clothes in earth-tone shades, such as tan or beige, then opt for brown jacket.

Select a colour that best aligns with your body type, clothes, and make you feel comfortable. Most opt for black, as it can be worn with both casual and business wear. Brown looks more casual and gives a vintage look, when paired with jeans. If you aren’t sure what suits you the best, you can think of a colour based on majority of your dresses.

Mind the Variation in Sizes

The size differs from brand to brand; look at the size chart in the store’s website if you’re buying online to make the right choice. You need to consider measurements of sleeve, back, chest, and waist for a better fit. The length of the sleeve shouldn’t exceed your actual wrist line, as it may look small or long- in fact a bit odd.

 Quality of Fabric

Most jackets are made up of either cowhide or lambskin leather; for a rougher and rugged appearance, opt for cowhide leather jacket, while lambskin can be a better choice for a sophisticated look.

Tips for Wearing Sunglasses

Summer weather is still here for a little while longer, meaning we can still head to the beach and, more importantly, walk around town with the sunshine still making an appearance. But whether it’s summer or the dead of winter, the essential accessory every man needs is a good pair of shades to get him through the day.

As we know, though, not all sunglasses are created equal. Depending on your look, the shape of your face, and a few other intricate details, there are guidelines you should follow to ensure you don’t look like a doofus and waste your hard-earned money.

So here they are; 10 simple rules for finding the right pair of shades:

1. Indoors Or At Night?

If you’re not wearing your shades outside in the daytime, you’ve probably got about a 30-second window before everyone around you discovers that you’re a massive tool. So, no.

2. Size Matters

Big glasses make a statement, but strike a balance between your style and what you can pull off. Otherwise you’ll look like The Fly.

3. Perv Check

Covertly checking the ladies out is one of the great joys of summer. But double-check the opacity of your eyewear beforehand.

4. Round Face

Is your face round? Don square frames to ungulate your features. Square shaped? Circular is your friend. Long face and strong jaw? Aviators. Wayfarers look good on almost everybody.

5. Mirrored Lenses

It’s disconcerting talking to someone in mirrored specs only to see your own mug staring back. Go dark, not reflective.

6. Match Glasses And Clothes

Match the color of your frames with your shoes; keep it subtle and you’ll look like money.

7. On Top Of Your Head?

A proper opinion divider. If you’re wearing them as some sort of weird, posy UV protecting tiara, then no. If it’s because you don’t own pockets, yes.

8. Upside Down?

Don’t ever wear your glasses upside down, you’ll look like a crazy person.

9. On Trend

Retro, as opposed to the techy ’90s styles, are always a safe bet. Tortoiseshell is a winner, as are smaller frames.

Smart Ways to dress up a striped cloth

We all feel that striped cloth is a borrowing thing to wear and we would have kept them aside in our wardrobe and drawers. And we would hardly consider them in our weekly wear. In our day to day life we never thing of wearing a striped tee and doesn’t even come to our mind either.  Many things have changed in fashion over a period of time. So let us come out with a new style and learn to make use of the following six ways to dress up with a striped cloth.

Short Leather Skirt goes very well with striped shirt with full length with dark or black accessories, comfortable boots with little heels. This is the look of confidence and sexy appearance.

You can also make a combination of dark and light striped cloth. Like dark vertical striped shorts with light horizontal striped Top along with some dark accessories will make you look sexy.

When we are away from our work, striped shirt can also be worn with your sweats. Along with a military jacket and some accessories like dark bag, blue shoes and dark color watch. This gives you a cool look.

The other way to wear a striped light colored top along with dark jeans and with a woolen jacket plain or printed will work. This is a winter cool look.

You can get complete office attire with a striped shirt. Wear it with light color trousers, with some dark accessories; beautiful heels will give you simple and beautiful look.

f you want to get rid of pants, trousers or skirt, try wearing light colored striped shirt with a dark striped knit and a dark jacket with high heels will give you professional look for the summer.

You can wear a striped tee in a evening also. Just wear with long skirt along with leather black jacket. In addition dark accessories with a pair of high heeled sandals. This gives you a sexy look for the evening.

You can also make your evening look even more attractive by wearing striped tee with a loose fit skirt which are made of metallic and are glitzy. Cool summer scandals and a leather belt. This look makes you more of party style.

To wear on a day to day basis wear it with a printed mini along with high heeled boots. If you are going out at night then wear leather jacket which gives you a casual look.

You can also wear different colored shorts with striped tee underneath. This gives you cool look for summer.

Wear the striped tee with a mini of light color. Pair them up with high heeled boots of blue color. This you can wear for night out for dancing. Make this wear more fun by wearing some fabulous accessories in which you look good.

Make you striped tee more attractive by sticking some of your favorite stickers on it which may be of a flower, a cartoon etc. Wear this tee with miniskirts along with dark goggles.

This is way you can make your striped cloth look more beautiful. There is every possibility of making your striped tee look more attractive and gorgeous.  Now it’s time for you to take away striped tee from the wardrobe and, start using them in with different styles.